Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Morning

Here's where I lie and wonder what the new day will bring and plan ways to fill it to over flowing. And fill the bed with crumbs. And try not to have the kids smear marmite over my lovely new linen duvet cover... which was one of my most satisfying 'quickie' projects to date.
I have basically sewn three panels together, one wide panel the full width of the fabric running down the middle and the other two on either side the width cut in half. I am using it as more of a throw, favouring the rough hewn look of the selvage edges draping to the floor. You could however, give it a another bottom layer and some buttons etc in which to insert your duvet. All you need is good cheap preferably sale fabric approx 150 wide in 2 x the length of your bed. Perhaps contrasting pillow slip too. 

For the record, I can make a bed properly. But I never do. Except for this photo (where I found myself putting in a bit more effort than usual to show off the fabric) because think there's something a little bit sexy about a slightly messy bed.