Thursday, February 18, 2010

a new passion

Mmmm mmm this is so where its at. Sourdough. Pain au levain. Boules. A pet of a starter that lives in a crook pot which I feed, inhale and contemplate on everyday. Most days or at least every other day I knead away, shape, rise, coat in rye flour and keep a watch full eye over its burgeoning state. I went away for a long weekend and it had to be babysat. When I came back it was still vigorously bubbling away and I missed it so much that I made 3 boules back to back. I now go about my days with a tell tale smear of gluey white blobs from the dough that somehow evade my apron and turn crusty on my clothes and hands. The tart crust is a little cheesy in flavor and sweet mother its amazing with pesto and hummus or toasted in the mornings with that peanut butter. I aint ever gonna stop.