Monday, May 31, 2010

murals on buildings

I love it when I stumble across an otherwise drab building that has been beautified for our benefit. I guess the council funds this kind of street art to make us less likely to grumble about the rates we pay. It's kinda working on me right now...

I found this mural in Kaiapoi while I was out walking with my Grandma.
It's along the river wharf, just past the old railway station heading back into town.
There are real tussocks in the foreground and because the painted scenery blends with the immediate plantings, it's the building itself that looks out of context.
It shows us the native wetlands and wildlife of the area before it became gentrified.
So aside from the artistry these murals also serve to tell a story.
These charming depictions are from along side the butchers shop in Oxford.
Wondering what these dudes are gassing about? Same old I guess...

or perhaps the price of meat.