Monday, May 31, 2010

murals on buildings

I love it when I stumble across an otherwise drab building that has been beautified for our benefit. I guess the council funds this kind of street art to make us less likely to grumble about the rates we pay. It's kinda working on me right now...

I found this mural in Kaiapoi while I was out walking with my Grandma.
It's along the river wharf, just past the old railway station heading back into town.
There are real tussocks in the foreground and because the painted scenery blends with the immediate plantings, it's the building itself that looks out of context.
It shows us the native wetlands and wildlife of the area before it became gentrified.
So aside from the artistry these murals also serve to tell a story.
These charming depictions are from along side the butchers shop in Oxford.
Wondering what these dudes are gassing about? Same old I guess...

or perhaps the price of meat.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

crazy rain

Crazy rain came and kept coming.

It made the backyard boggy and the trains stop running

Slips and floods where ground can't cope to soak it up

and so it spread sideways, and a baby hedgehog was found dead, presumably drowned.

And buried in said soggy-boggy garden. A child upset at the incomprehensible sadness,

while I felt sorry for farmers whose feed for winter has been forsaken

by too much too late.

But we had our saving graces:

Funny hat sessions
Space mobiles
and ginormous feijoas with their floral fragrance devoured skin and all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just incase you didn't know, I am here to torment you.
You know you shouldn't but you probably will....
See you there and here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

mamGhomemade SHOP on ETSY

Finally it's happening. I have opened up shop online and will be listing new items daily for most of this week. I will continue to showcase a lot of my designs here on this blog, as well as much of what inspires and feeds the process. It's early days yet but I am very excited about this new direction for mamaGhomemade and invite you to join me on the journey.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Follow the link and see you there!

Friday, May 21, 2010

orders out

A simple PJ top
Winter tights

Orders trickling in and out. Boxes ticked,
Bows tied. Warm kids and happy Mums.
Publish Post
SHOP OPENS MONDAY! watch this space x

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kindy bag

I made "The Big Kindy Boy" a backpack to cart his Scooby Snax and spare undies around in.
I added a cool car to it as a clincher and hopeful insurance against the likelihood of some bad ass little snots out there suggesting to him homemade ain't so cool.

The straps pull through drawstring style and there's a simple front pocket I divided into two, where he can stuff his stolen crayons and crusty play dough projects.
I have sewn from this book several times since buying it.
Very straight forward, easy to follow and jam packed with sweet ideas.
But then Lotta is a total talent babe and oozes all that Swedish Scando style.
He doesn't usually look like a ghetto kid, least not from the front! And he doesn't really steal crayons. That was me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

the perfect glider

This is why I want a better camera...
and maybe a lighting kit...
This Paper Plane was apparently designed by the Chinese.
I can't say there is anything obviously Chinesey about them (I might of guessed Japanese since they invented Origami) But to their credit they do fly fairly directionally...
I would love to have a go at a German or Italian designed one. I might google search that!
Perhaps this is the beginning of a new hobby...
All from this book. Another Op shopped find I've had tucked away for a rainy day- as was today.
Happy Paper Plane-ing.
and this one is pretty good for basic variations.

merino sneak peak

mamaGhomeamde has been working on a new merino style for all the girlies out there.
It's going to be called a cow bell top> I think.
Being that it has a cowl neck and gathered bell sleeves.
(EErrrm... maybe that's a bit abstract... I'll keep working on it)
Anyway, I LOVE it on my wee lass and she LOVES it too.
The sleeves don't get in the way at all yet they look girlie and sweet and make a nice change to the usual ribbing and turned up hem sleeves you see all the time.
The cowl neck provides more warmth without getting into ugly skivvy territory
I have also played around with making it a little longer in the length to absolutely make sure there wont be any kidneys getting cold in winter.
I'm really enjoying the versatility of this top. It looks just as great with a pinafore or a vest over the top without losing sight of the interest in the neck and sleeves. And its not too bulky in the sleeves to wear a cardigan over the top if need be.
I think I may try a dress version of this style as well.
I am currently pattern drafting in these all sizes (new born-6yrs) and hope to have them added to MY SHOP which will also we coming VERY soon. VERY EXCITING!!!
I am having one problem tho... I'm noticing how quickly it is that those once-were-chubby-little -baby-hands are all too fast starting to look all grown up. It's hard letting go off the fact that they are never the same for long enough and that it all passes by so quickly. Bless.