Tuesday, March 30, 2010

away in the sounds

For 4 glorious days we nestled ourselves along side the tui and bellbirds in the bush at Kaireperepe bay in the Marlborough Sounds. We ambled from the beach house down to the beach and back again (and again and again).
We went biscuiting behind the boat,
lost our thoughts out in the deep blue sea,
were mesmerised by a multitude of colourless and sting free jellies wafting and waving in their massage like motions,
vaguely understood what the carved tree fern people were saying when we visited the Lochmara Lodge,
waded in warm low tide waters,
to even smaller and less accessible beaches,
collected kai moana, 
marvelled at the brilliance and safety of two very long child gates, extending the whole way around the veranda, keeping her well penned in, 
encouraged a bit of make believe,
celebrated a 34th birthday... mine
breathed in and considered the canvas backdrop of the kauri timbers
felt pangs of nostalgia for the old food safe, left wanting and hungry
dreamed in dimly lit bunk rooms on spongy sprung mattresses,
felt heady in the darkness and drama of the bathroom,
saw poetry and patina in an antique plug
and laughed when I saw the brand name of the vintage washing machine planters.

It was a real privilege to stay and recharge our batteries here. It is out of the generosity and trust of the owners that they share their house, its history and seclusion for the benefit of others. Thank you Parker and Western families, for every lovely moment.