Monday, November 8, 2010

Steiner fair

The weather on the day was a bit of a disappointment - pouring down at first, easing to a drizzle and clearing to sensational as I was packing up! But alas, the people came all the same with brimming Steiner smiles and made the most of it.

I was determined the rain wasn't going to dampen my spirits and went all out and painted my nails a very cheerful and uplifting blue (a bold move for someone who never usually ventures beyond nude and pearly colours - its the salt waters, they're giving me balls in the polish department where I never used to have any!)
Most popular products on the day were the Granddad's spinners (Grandad really does make them from his garage and I paint them up for optimum optical effect) and my newly devised retro revival game-Elastics. Remember this...we used to play it for hours on end as kids, some of us even used to play it on the trampoline! I also remember practicing with two chairs to get the advantage over my competitors.

Also, the winner of the mamaGhomemade $50 credit is....
Phil Claude. From memory Phil had his eye on the embroidered ten cent tiki cushion. Sweet.