Monday, February 22, 2010

run for the hills

Awaroa, Godley head. Blasting the cobwebs with a decent hill run. It reminds me of Central Otago and my late Granddad Dave who was also a runner. I always lose myself in the big stretch of peninsula that juts out from the mainland like a sleeping heavy dog. 

mug shots

because we're always drinking over here and can you flick the jug while you're up?

Glen Shuker mugs from C4 ...Good digs when you need a hit of coffee with kick, great aroma, full body and flavor. Housed in the historic John Burns and Co building (which was formally a hardware store) the utilitarian 3 story brick and steel beam warehouse is typically spacious and industrial. Good beats. Nice folk. We like.

Amanda Shanley ceramic mug from The Nationalwhere there's always an exhibition showcasing new works by some of our countries most talented contemporary jewellers and craftspeople. Carolyn is the passionate owner/curator who is always more than happy to enthuse about her range.

The bean boys posing on Dads birthday mug. Any photo you like can be made into mug art at Kroma Colour 199 Litchfield St $20 a pop. cheap.

mending pile

Am I the only one who saves up all the off cuts from the elastic and sews them together when I am desperate to finish the school boys uniform?
Said uniform. Grey. And its a mufti school. Don't say its sad. Its easy. Practical. Loving.
Kindy boy gets some new get up too. Dark green denim Donkey Pants and another Beanie.

Patches on play pants. Apparently needing fruit to make it look more photogenic.
There is still a small mountain of a mending/finishing pile to conquer yet.