Friday, April 23, 2010


Isn't this guy adorable?!!! pretty good alternative to a real dog too.
I made him? for my brother's baby which is due to be born in a few weeks.
It took me all of about two hours following the clearly laid out instructions in this book..

He? hasn't got a name yet, if you can help me with any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Being made from a glove... perhaps Glovey?? we lovey you. 
My 3 year old thinks "Pickles" is the way to go which I rather respect as this child's animal naming choices are pure genius. There was the kunekune pig he aptly named "Very Nostrilly"
and the rabbit he christened "Humpy Bumpy".

Actually, it did occur to me that I have rather inappropriately sewn this soon to be born baby a PIT BULL and to a pit bull, a wee baby probably looks like a a warm buttery ball of fat ready for the munching. I think I will try to see him more like a Jack Russell... do they get their tails docked too? Oh dear, whatever this dog is, it has been inhumanely deformed as well. But still so cute!