Friday, February 26, 2010

the stuff of life

 The tools. The big beehive bowl. The earthenware crock pot. The ladel. The flours, stoneground white and rye.

The starter/levain.

The happy smiling dough.

Ready to rise... the rubbish bag used to create humidity. 

 The optimistic baker and the slashed boule ready to bake.

The beauty
...and the butter.

And the bakers helper (equally delicious)

hats and huts

I've got two of these toddler tiki sun hats left. If you want one for a wee person (sizes 48cm and 50cm roughly new born to a yearish if theirs heads are an average size) leave me a comment. Good coverage and darn cute. And yes, online shop to come soon.

So darn stinking hot today. We hid from the baking heat in our vinatge sheet hut. 
It was deliciously cool and I momentarily slept. They read, ate, spilt, made mess and made me laugh.