Wednesday, November 11, 2009

vintage sunhats

Grandma had these sheets that were then given to my dad and used as drop sheets!  Thankfully there is only a few dribbles of white paint on one. I snaffled them and turned them into kiddies sunhats. They have been selling well. Actually my friend Jess used to use similar sheets to make beautiful journal covers which I won one year as a secret santa gift way back when we were in a craft group together. The model was not happy to be playing Holly Hobby.

On another day tho, miss twinkle was happy to be playing beach babe.

favourite things

From now on there will be regular postings showcasing the various 'favourite things' that I have in my life. They will be things that I cherish daily and feel I couldn't possibly live without in order to qualify. Suffice to say, they will be accolades of relatively superficial things, things I could live without in theory, but in reality would flatly refuse any suggestion to do so, as their pleasures and joys are too great to go without.
First up for this week we have.. this will be a contentious one.. some of you will shriek and cringe... be warned.. but there is cuteness...

Insane amounts of this particular peanut butter. Not just any will do. It has to be Pikos's own special blend of organic peanuts (no other ingredients) roasted with their skins on to a chunky consistency. And it has to be smeared on in an almost half inch thick spread. With butter.
Twice daily at least. Toast, cruskets, crackers, in the groove of celery. The whole family is hooked. This jar lasts us a month and costs as shown $14.20. We used to get a dollar refund on the jars but without expressing anger and getting political that doesn't happen any more... But we still luuurvveeeee it. A lot. Actually given a bigger budget I would have almond, and cashew butters too. I think this kind of nutty protein is vital somehow for my constitution. Dont get me started on Tahini.

Miso soup. 
Salty. Refreshing. Uplifting. Better than another coffee or if its too early to drink.
Pretty bowls optional but recommended.
Supermarket bought individual packets or the tubs of Amano miso from Piko are the ones I use. Granted I don't know enough about miso to claim to be a connoisseur but I have tried the various Amano varieties, both red and white and they all hit the spot.
The kids are getting their heads around it slowly. The seaweed still spooks them out and its a hot drink that doesnt go down as well cold.

Lastly (they wont always be food related)...

Dark and strong doesn't last long.
Eat at room temperature. Be stealthy and hide it in your nicker draw if you must.
Richfields is one of my favourites. The squares are easy to snap with fingers, and its silky on the tongue. Whittakers is a bit too dry for me. Green and Blacks a close second.
And then there's serious boutique varieties. Mr bought me a set of darks from different cocoa plantations, which made for subtle detectable differences, gorged slowly with great awareness. That was truly ambrosia.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today I spent a wonderful hour or so pottering around in the garden. Actually it was technically more like fluffing around. But it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to soak up the colours and bask in what is usually overlooked as being hard work done and dusted. It struck me that a lot of what stands out in our garden has been resurrected and tarted up in some way. I like the surprises that an economical eye finds in something formerly rejected and forlorn.
Above is an old watering can re-licked in bright red, op shopped wire hanging baskets, vintage horticultural society black pots, and our old hot water cylinder.
below are the two deck chairs scored on two different occasions on the side of the road. 
An old metal chest home to our many pairs of outdoor shoes, jandles, gumboots etc keeping them dry and out of direct sunlight. And a wine barrel direct from the winemaker!
An old wagon wheel for definition 'acquired' by someone else. 

Another side of the road score, some old Avery scales... just for decoration and a wooden spool/wire reel as a table for a cuppa.

clever man idea.

The old wood basket that had unwoven itself now covered in concrete and sculpted into a planter.

the other half of the cylinder.

New Shoes!

All those hours of home haircuts sure did add up. 
And upon feeling my heart a calling towards a certain
Shoezies I swooned and fell for these impeccably cobbled sling backs clogs.
In mahogany leather with the cutest subtle turn-upward toes (a little asian inspired perhaps)
but with the dutch brass tacks and clogs feel happening as well.
I titillated myself prancing around the house in them with lipstick on. OH yeah.
I displayed them centre stage for all to see when I wasn't wearing them and when I was I couldn't keep my eyes off them.
My new best friends. These shoes. Hard earned. I cant sew them, But boy I can love them!