Thursday, October 14, 2010

studio happenings

The wee sun room that has been my sewing room for the last few years is very chaotic of late.
It's generally a fairly well organized place and I usually pride myself on putting everything back where it belongs -otherwise I wouldn't be able to move or turn around in there and I would forever be standing/sitting on rogue pins!
But currently I am in the throws of sewing up a storm for the Steiner School Fair and things are spilled out everywhere and there doesn't seem much point in putting it all back until I am completely finished.
There is also something wonderfully freeing and quite inspiring to see a myriad of colour and combinations laid out everywhere- accessible to the eye in ways it isn't normally. I think a bit of intentional creative mess is my favourite (and only permissible) kind.

you can always tell how busy I've been by the state of my cottons...
a randomly scattered inspiration board...
a getting fuller rack... much more can I stack and stuff in there??!!!!!