Thursday, December 23, 2010

(fragrantless) trees and cloves and johnny...

This year's tree is the real mccoy. Pint sized but still alive. I'm hoping to bonsai it thereafter. It's not as fragrant as I hoped it would be. But then again, I've lucked out in the past buying ceiling sweeping chopped tress that are of some inobviously different and pineless smelling variety. Also, this one has droopy branches that can only handle light weight decorations, so we have reinstated the driftwood one from last year (as a kind of double act) with the added bonus that the kids get to do their own thing and make one of them look ugly. Seen as I have been making jute stars and stockings I decided to sit the tree pot a plastic bag inside a coffee bean sack as well. And I'm remembering to water it.

Some hungry stockings hanging and other decorations strewn around the house by the kids...

I have also made these small hand embroidered decorations to stuff with wool and cloves to give as gifts. In case other people have rip off neutral smelling trees and so we still get to enjoy the smell of Christmas. I guess there is always cinnamon and brandy and almond too and beer and barbeques and.... who needs the pine really?
Anyhow, leaving you today with 'The Man in Black'. It's Ok to laugh.
Merry Christmas peeps - have a goodie x

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ho ho ho hat

ho hum... bah humbug... I don't care...
Ho ho He he look at me
"me more cherry!!!!!"

The kids were harping on about a Father Xmas hat.
I hate acrylic felt - so I made one out of red linen triangle (50cm base, 45cms high) cut on the bias (diagonal grain of fabric) with a side seam down the back + some white cotton ribbing (50x 7 cms) + a doodacky pom pom me wipith upith.
It's solstice tonight. So I think I might
go have a beer outside, while its still light.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

above the red verandah - STORE

Under the red Verandah is running a store upstairs (Above the red verandah!)
where you will find a choice selection of art, textiles and vintage goods.
Entry is thru the big red door down the side of the cafe on Tancred St.
Open every day 9-4 until Christmas. (artwork and floral brooches by Brooke Georgia)
It's bustling and merry and full of heaps of wonderful Christmas gifts.
(Mandy's been cooking up a storm downstairs and is stocking a wide range of her ever popular sauces, jams chutneys as well as chocolates UTRV t-shirts, funky tea towels + more!
There's a little mamaGhomemade thrown in for good measure as well as a whole host of other product by talented artists and designers.

Emma has also sourced a selection of second hand vintage goodies for fans of unprocurables.
and made these geometric books...
There are quite a few decorations, stockings and the like to adorn your home.

In the words of James Brown... Get on down and get on up! (or visa versa)

Monday, December 6, 2010

needing to knead

We have another bug on the go for our sourdough. And a budding and bossy apprentice... amazing is that technique of hers! - she's totally putting her back into it and giving it all she's got.
I'm loving the age they get to when you can start teaching them how to do it themselves.
The bread is coming along nicely too.
I'm finding these two books the most helpful and inspiring.
I will happily donate some starter to anyone wanting a low maintenance (and edible) pet and a new healthy hobby... sing out or miss out. X