Friday, September 24, 2010

surprise treats

A surprise package turned up my mailbox the other day....for me!?!! from somebody I did not know!!!

With much enthusiasm I ripped into it and found inside...two skeins of beautiful Knitsch sock wool (that I had coincidentally been eyeing up in knit world the previous day!) a handy little measuring tape (great for traveling with) a selection of beautiful gift tags and a packet of Tim Tams that the kids and I went nuts over!

All of this was are care of the very kind hearted Tash -from Knitsch yarns, intended as a post quake cheer up and graciously received as such.

I had been wondering if the rest of the country was getting sick of hearing about post quake Christchurch but I have heard quite a few stories of out of towners sending relief packages like this to friends and family in the region.

While I feel very fortunate to still have a home to live in, all our basic amenities reconnected and just a whole lot of insurance palaver ahead of us, it's still touching to have a moment of indulgence bestowed upon you by a hitherto stranger, helping to reverse some of the the effects of the stress that we all experienced.

Big up's to Tash then... because of you, the kids and I had a very rare shared sugar rush and now I get to knit my very first pair of socks with some of your delicious wool!