Friday, July 23, 2010

favourite things #2

I am an op shop whore to the core, and an eco consciousness lass too, but I still have the tendency to go weak in the knees for things of exquisite hand crafted beauty, usually procured at considerable expense.

So, in appreciation for hand crafted finery, made to the highest quality and standards...
here are a few acquisitions that are making my heart sing...
Paton's delicious crepe wool. $7 a ball.
Long lasting quality, smooth finish and less likely to pill than ordinary 4 ply.
Knits like butter on a pair of steel needles.
Why would I ever knit with anything else again?
Shown here in a deep slate grey/ liquorice. A spring Cardigan for the wee lass.
Issac Ibbotson earrings. Sterling silver forged and beaten to perfection. A birthday gift from my man. Available here. I am an earring addict and since the arrival of this pair, several months ago, all my other pairs have been relegated to the back of my drawer.
I have several pieces made by Issac. They are contemporary takes on timeless classics.
His swamp Kauri rings are quite something to behold.
Deep mahogany brown oiled biker boots.
Handmade in Italy by these folk.
The anatomy of this boot is exceptional. Balanced yet edgy. Modern straps fastened with stainless studs and slightly Victorianesque with the curved edge detail on the toe cap. They are my new ten year pair of boots (that's how long my last pair lasted me) and I'm planning on getting at least that out of these gorgeous puppies.
An expedited lay-by from here.
Much could be said about attempts to reverse the trend of cheap, toxic and badly designed and disposable purchases, and efforts to support businesses whose ethos is built on sustainability. But, there is never any moral high ground on such matters and so I try to simplify the dilemma by sticking to these rules...

Never buy on impulse. Question the need. Consider longevity. Where possible it ought to be maintainable and repairable. Function before form (but only just!) Buy once and buy right (within your means).

After all, there is nothing quite like the smell of a long loved piece of leather and the characteristics of metal worn smooth over time. Patinas that develop given the chance. A measured materialism, with an heirloom approach.
What are your favourite things?