Thursday, March 18, 2010

finding fimo

Over and over again we get the Fimo out and mould and sculpt it into some strange and not so strange things with varying degrees of crudeness. We bake the pieces we are most proud of until they are quite unbreakable and use them to play with in the dolls house or to make small sets or dioramas. Grandma Becki still makes her own personalized buttons this way. The kids love it because its firmer than play dough to touch but as tactile and more permanent than plasticine. So fond of Fimo are we in these parts, that I once had a birthday whereby we stationed a Fimo craft corner as part of the evenings activities and prizes were awarded to the best creations. It was an adults party. But wait, things get weirder still..
Er yes, this is a Fimo toilet with a poo in it. At the insistent request of the 3 year old.
And much to my delight. Available from most stationary, craft and DIY stores. Go getcha selves some.