Thursday, February 25, 2010

resurrected part 2

$2 pram from a church fair. Gave it a good jiff and sewed up a new seat for lamby.
This is the same fabric I've used earlier here. Take a closer look... tickles. Can be bought from Bolt of Cloth.

Another metal chest. Now a real pirates chest.

Op shop'd picture frame which has a new matt to fit its lovely photo. Image can be bought here 
or here
Found Oak chair: Reupholstered in

..."bud-da byes" 

play bags

Rustled up a few drawstring bags, cant get enough. Good for puzzles, keeping toys sorted and for cafe outings. 

Its all about the fabric combos and to save the really fancy stuff I usually do a contrast fabric on the other side. Loving the natural twill tape. Easy peasy louisey.
The coolest fabrics are from this gem of a fabric shop.

Linen bags, like the one above on the left, are for keeping my sourdough in and also for when I give away the boules. The one on the right is a smaller one I've been making as toiletry bags and to put gifts inside. It's also a good way to use up the last strips of your most treasured scraps. This one is for my pregnant sister in law which will be filled with raspberry leaf tea and massage oil and birthing treats.