Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kindy bag

I made "The Big Kindy Boy" a backpack to cart his Scooby Snax and spare undies around in.
I added a cool car to it as a clincher and hopeful insurance against the likelihood of some bad ass little snots out there suggesting to him homemade ain't so cool.

The straps pull through drawstring style and there's a simple front pocket I divided into two, where he can stuff his stolen crayons and crusty play dough projects.
I have sewn from this book several times since buying it.
Very straight forward, easy to follow and jam packed with sweet ideas.
But then Lotta is a total talent babe and oozes all that Swedish Scando style.
He doesn't usually look like a ghetto kid, least not from the front! And he doesn't really steal crayons. That was me.