Friday, February 26, 2010

the stuff of life

 The tools. The big beehive bowl. The earthenware crock pot. The ladel. The flours, stoneground white and rye.

The starter/levain.

The happy smiling dough.

Ready to rise... the rubbish bag used to create humidity. 

 The optimistic baker and the slashed boule ready to bake.

The beauty
...and the butter.

And the bakers helper (equally delicious)

hats and huts

I've got two of these toddler tiki sun hats left. If you want one for a wee person (sizes 48cm and 50cm roughly new born to a yearish if theirs heads are an average size) leave me a comment. Good coverage and darn cute. And yes, online shop to come soon.

So darn stinking hot today. We hid from the baking heat in our vinatge sheet hut. 
It was deliciously cool and I momentarily slept. They read, ate, spilt, made mess and made me laugh.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

resurrected part 2

$2 pram from a church fair. Gave it a good jiff and sewed up a new seat for lamby.
This is the same fabric I've used earlier here. Take a closer look... tickles. Can be bought from Bolt of Cloth.

Another metal chest. Now a real pirates chest.

Op shop'd picture frame which has a new matt to fit its lovely photo. Image can be bought here 
or here
Found Oak chair: Reupholstered in

..."bud-da byes" 

play bags

Rustled up a few drawstring bags, cant get enough. Good for puzzles, keeping toys sorted and for cafe outings. 

Its all about the fabric combos and to save the really fancy stuff I usually do a contrast fabric on the other side. Loving the natural twill tape. Easy peasy louisey.
The coolest fabrics are from this gem of a fabric shop.

Linen bags, like the one above on the left, are for keeping my sourdough in and also for when I give away the boules. The one on the right is a smaller one I've been making as toiletry bags and to put gifts inside. It's also a good way to use up the last strips of your most treasured scraps. This one is for my pregnant sister in law which will be filled with raspberry leaf tea and massage oil and birthing treats. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

run for the hills

Awaroa, Godley head. Blasting the cobwebs with a decent hill run. It reminds me of Central Otago and my late Granddad Dave who was also a runner. I always lose myself in the big stretch of peninsula that juts out from the mainland like a sleeping heavy dog. 

mug shots

because we're always drinking over here and can you flick the jug while you're up?

Glen Shuker mugs from C4 ...Good digs when you need a hit of coffee with kick, great aroma, full body and flavor. Housed in the historic John Burns and Co building (which was formally a hardware store) the utilitarian 3 story brick and steel beam warehouse is typically spacious and industrial. Good beats. Nice folk. We like.

Amanda Shanley ceramic mug from The Nationalwhere there's always an exhibition showcasing new works by some of our countries most talented contemporary jewellers and craftspeople. Carolyn is the passionate owner/curator who is always more than happy to enthuse about her range.

The bean boys posing on Dads birthday mug. Any photo you like can be made into mug art at Kroma Colour 199 Litchfield St $20 a pop. cheap.

mending pile

Am I the only one who saves up all the off cuts from the elastic and sews them together when I am desperate to finish the school boys uniform?
Said uniform. Grey. And its a mufti school. Don't say its sad. Its easy. Practical. Loving.
Kindy boy gets some new get up too. Dark green denim Donkey Pants and another Beanie.

Patches on play pants. Apparently needing fruit to make it look more photogenic.
There is still a small mountain of a mending/finishing pile to conquer yet.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a new passion

Mmmm mmm this is so where its at. Sourdough. Pain au levain. Boules. A pet of a starter that lives in a crook pot which I feed, inhale and contemplate on everyday. Most days or at least every other day I knead away, shape, rise, coat in rye flour and keep a watch full eye over its burgeoning state. I went away for a long weekend and it had to be babysat. When I came back it was still vigorously bubbling away and I missed it so much that I made 3 boules back to back. I now go about my days with a tell tale smear of gluey white blobs from the dough that somehow evade my apron and turn crusty on my clothes and hands. The tart crust is a little cheesy in flavor and sweet mother its amazing with pesto and hummus or toasted in the mornings with that peanut butter. I aint ever gonna stop.