Sunday, July 4, 2010

fresh milk

Early yesterday morning, the Curry family very kindly took us out to a friends farm, where they and two other families cow-share a jersey called Sandy.

We had a go milking her with our bare hands and then listened as the electric milker (made from converted parts of an old tractor) whirled away.

Full respect to Sandy, who at the time was technically 'tandem nursing' as she was also in calf.

There was something wonderfully warm and delicious about the whole experience from teat to
tall glass.
not forgetting the beautiful barn...
the light lending a cathedral like drama
a bone dry wood pile
stables littered with straw
getting fatter geese
the little boy and a big toy
the somehow captivating corrugated iron....
a lamp post shadow
and paint peeling from sign referencing Scotland.
Ti's the good life for sure.