Wednesday, April 21, 2010

rehashing a new world

Things cant be too bad in this shaky little world of ours, when hundreds of fabric hungry, craft trippers of all ages and stages can joust about respectfully in an old Scottish society hall, intent on securing themselves some recently unearthed  and possibly never seen before textile treasures.


One has to wonder what this world is coming to when hundreds of (mostly) women turn up en masse under the proviso of topping up their sewing supplies and then lose all sense of grace and...

I for one, grossly underestimated the popularity of the stash rehash event (not having attended the first) and altho I arrived half an hour early I quickly found myself exploiting my baby girl and her need for an impending nap as a means to advance in the queue (what crafty mother in her right mind wants a meltdown coming from the backpack at a pivotal point of spotting and seizing some must have haberdashery curio) 

Anyways I was in and out in half and hour and spent $25. Lots of denim, linen, seersucker (who's not a sucker for seersucker i ask you?!) and a really old supermarket bag (that took me down memory lane and down to the stall I had as a kid at the local supermarket selling coconut ice and hokey pokey to raise money for telethon). It was full of green cord half sewn into a pair of very rude pants (ermm, what was  thinking? But I guess given that it was a dollar and the place was writhing/teeming with women burying the heads into mounds of material with their bottoms poking high up into the air, I wasn't thinking clearly.  
I got the little lady home and down for her delicious nap while I got to examine the loot I amassed from the fast paced sporting event that was as frenzied as a mexican wave in a gladiatorial stadium. 

To conclude;
You have just read an unedited post that I am going to be so audacious and weird as to post because A) it quite accurately sums up both sides of the crazy/wonderful stash rehash experience for me and B) quite frankly I havent the energy or inclination tonight to edit this lengthy and bloviating slurry any further C) the lure of chocolate and a dvd in bed awaits me and D) I'm pretty sure no one is really reading these posts of mine anyway (except for you simone, you made me dinner at MY house when I was exhausted, I love you)

winter woolies

The autumn weather has been so wonderful lately that I'm slightly worried winter is going to sneak around the corner any minute now and bite us really hard on the bum. Just in case, I've been preparing the change over of all the kiddies wardrobes. Gloves, hats, scarves, check...
gummies, raincoats, wet weather pants... check. All in their various sizes and moving down the line to this years youngest with the oldest usually getting something new. In the meantime, while all this generous sunshine rolls on, I've had the chance to hand wash the knitted jerseys and have them completely dry at the end of the day. They get brought back inside smelling sun kissed, fresh and ready to go, for when winter finally does shock us into submission.

The wee girls smockie (free pattern here) was very easy to knit up (using wool left over from my grandma's stash). I started it when I was pregnant and altho I made it with this autumn in mind, It got shelved for sometime until I recently rediscovered it. The wee lass is growing like a flipping mushroom lately and also I have "subluxed" my flexor corpi ulnarus ligament on my left hand (but nothing will stop me I tell you, I am like a foot painter if need be). So I have been knitting it one handed style and thus it has been slow to complete. Consequently it's fitting slightly smaller than anticipated (not that I need any excuses to get cracking on whipping up another)... oh I do love to sit bone idle and knit an evening away.