Saturday, March 20, 2010

scissor hands

Check out these bad boys! I can hardly believe they're mine. They have been gifted my way via the lovely Deidre (whose blog will have you in satirical stitches of laughter). Deidre is also the force behind the fantastic Stash Rehash gigs. Both pairs of scissors are engraved in her name and one pair awards her title of "the best all round student" in 1988 at Polytech's Fashion School here in Christchurch. This kind of generosity coupled with the fact that they have obviously been sentimental to her, means that I now think of her as some kind of sewing fairy godmother whose spirit I will channel and call upon in times of sewing confusion or distress ..."Oh Scissors, tell me what Deidre would do..." 

Yes, they are heavy but they are very sexy. They cut long and make a mean sound when doing so (I'm tempted not to oil them for this very reason). Somehow I feel the intention of my every cut when I use them. The weight also means you are less likely to go swinging them around in a gesticulating fashion while you're talking and for that reason they feel safer to use because you're more conscious of them. Having said that, you want to know exactly where they are and what they are doing at any given time (had they a mind of their own, like the car Christine in the horror film and were they not under tight rein, someone might lose a leg). So, despite their somewhat intimidating presence in my sewing room (all the other scissors have run away nervously) I keep taking them down from the hook where they hang just to play with them, taking turns between each pair to cut the air.
The fabric in the background was pretty much the biggest fabric score of last year. It was snaffled up from some dingy corner of Jan Howdens legendary Mayfield Junk shop. I'm about to make cushions out of it. So sorry.