Monday, August 16, 2010

merino care

Recently, the evils of Sodium Percabonate and specifically the way it can ruin merino were bought to my attention. This worries me quite a bit, as I sell more merino than anything and I want to be sure my customers can look after their garments the best way possible.

So, you are hereby warned. Don't be laundering your merinos in anything containing Sodium Percarbonate or any oxygen bleaches for that matter. They eat into the fibres... think silverfish and old books and hungry monarch caterpillars. Go find yourself a nice hippy laundry powder instead.

Use plant based soaps and gentle powders where possible. They are better on the planet, on our clothing and our bodies.

The guys at Ground effect who use a lot of technical merino fabrics (they make great mountain biking garb) have spelt it out here.
Luckily, I have been using Natural Blend Washing Powder which comes in a huge 5 kg bag and doesn't contain any of the aforementioned nasties. Yay.
Also, I was once told by a fashion designer that cold washes are just as hard on fabric as hot washes. So, although I like the idea of using only cold water, I have struck a balance by using a warm wash followed by a cold rinse as the best way to get clean clothes and still reduce our power bill.

I always line dry my clothing and I would never recommend machine drying merino, as it is likely to shorten the overall length.
here's some mamaG homemade merino, well worn and loved by the adorable repeat customer baby Amelie.
...a serious post like this can't be without some cheer. Aaaaw ain't she something!