Thursday, July 29, 2010

70's simplicity

This pattern was published by Simplicity the same year I was born.
I pulled it down from my stack of cut outs ready in waiting, and made it up in this delightful (also 70's) fabric from that (SSsshhh, it's a secret) junkshop Mayfield.
I had a spot of difficulty sewing the pointed yolk to the dress front. It was very fiddly, but I threw caution to the wind, put my foot down on the peddle and went for it (top stitching away the unevenness as much as possible). I reckon that back in the day, it wouldn't have been considered very clever to 'wing it,' and precision, knowledge and technique were of the up most importance. I guess back then, we had a few tricks up our sewing sleeves, so to speak, and were generally more experienced sewers and the patterns of the day seem to reflect this.
The bow at the back lends a lovely party dress look.
She keeps talking to the dog on the front...
and is mesmerized by the graphics of pigs and bikes, flowers and little hobo folk.
I think I picked this pattern up from an op shop for about 50 cents.
Yay for cheap successes, even if you do have to 'wing it' on the odd occasion.