Monday, November 15, 2010

just because

Thinking about rustling up some santa sacks for the kids with these 4 from spotlight.
Like these sweet little numbers. More crafty chrissy ideas here and here.
And this song is pretty much the soundtrack of the last couple of weeks. Best played as loud as the kids will tolerate (or even better alone) in the car driving down on a long stretch of road - ...just because I just worked out how to bring it to you. There will be more.

blooming heck!

Bring back BLOOMERS! It's a blooming revolution... a revival... a hankering back to 'The Little House on The Prairie" perhaps...
I for one would like to see a little more modesty regarding girls undergarments.
For practicality's sake - I'm not talking corsets and white gloves, but enough coverage and prettiness so young girls can play freely whilst maintaining decorum.

soooo.... I've been sewing a LOT of them...
I've discovered I think they look quite sporty with leggings underneath (also practical if your lass is riding her bike on a cooler day and to avoid her trousers getting caught up in the chain) Leggings alone tend to look a bit dance, ballet, fame inspired but if you put the bloomers on over the top, I reckon they get this whole new funky street look going on. A pair under dresses and skirts is perfect and worn with sandals and sneakers they look just like frilly shorts. Also sweet for the little ones as a nappy cover like no other!
Have you seen those elasticated shelf bras available in toddler sizes? Why do people put their- still-only -a -child-daughters in bikinis? don't get me started... modesty folks... I'm bringing it back...

The out takes for this shoot were HILARIOUS by the way... 2 boys reluctantly wearing bloomers - one with his extremely skinny scared and very knobbly knees, the other podgy one
laughing like a hyena.

Available in a few fabric options and in sizes 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 from my shop and at the upcoming UTRV Christmas shop (upstairs) from December 10th onwards or email me direct