Wednesday, December 9, 2009

this years tree

Its made from driftwood we collected at Pines Beach. We made it by drilling holes in the center of the driftwood pieces and slotting them over a metal rod. The rod has to be fairly rigid so it wont waver and we used a bigger piece of chunkier driftwood, a washer and a nut to secure it to as a base/stand. 
It helps to consider how wide you want your base and at which height you want to taper it to a point. Then its really just a matter of collecting enough different lengths and some extras to stack your pyramid. I think the curved pieces look nice pointing upwards and that way they also hold the decorations better. I'm planning on ceremoniously burning it on the fire on New Years Eve!

A couple of years ago my Mum started a new tradition in our family of going to Ballies and buying the kids and I a new decoration each. It's my december highlight.
...there was that one year tho when I felt utterly justified in calling management to notify them that their Santa was a reticent sleeze bag with no imagination and had been making eyes at all the mummies! Yes, I got Santa Fired!
Oh and last years tree... 

Harakeke flax stalks spray painted white.
...think I might be stretching it a bit to come up with a new one every year. Any ideas?

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